D65 Daylight Just Verivide Price Bangladesh

Color matching with standardized light D65

With a correlated colour temperature (CCT) of 6500 K, D65 corresponds to “average daylight from the northern sky” and is the reference illuminant in DIN 6173-2 “Color matching” and a referenced illuminant in ASTM D1729. Its spectral energy distribution between 300 and 780 nm is described in DIN 5033 at increments of 5 nm.
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Moisture Meter Textile Paper Aqua Boy Bangladesh

Moisture Meter Textile Paper Aqua Boy Bangladesh

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AQUA-BOY Moisture Meters are designed for easyportability, fast
operation with instantaneousindication and universal use. The AQUA-BOY
is a compact, handy unit suppliedwith accessories, in a carrying case.
The AQUA-BOY meter is housed in a robust case,shaped to protect the
large dial and controls. Power is supplied to the AQUA-BOY by a 9 V
battery. The measuring principle of the AQUA BOY is basedon the
electrical conductivity of the material whichalways bears a fixed
relation to the moisture. Allchanges in resistance inside the measuring
ranges ofinterest are sufficiently pronounced to ensure a highdegree of
accuracy for the readings obtained with theAQUA-BOY. The electrical
indicating accuracy of the AQUA-BOYis +/- 0.1% while the reproducibility
is +/- 0.2 %referred of the absolute readings on the meter dial. Long
years of practical experience of our developmentdepartment in
cooperation with industrial specialistsand scientists as well as
official test and researchlaboratories assure long and reliable service
to theAQUA-BOY in accordance with the latest know how in electronic
moisture detection.
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Pantone Color book Chips Guides Price Bangladesh

Pantone Color book Chips Guides Bangladesh

Featuring a range of core metallic shades and directional colors reflective of future trends, our new Pantone Metallic Shimmers addresses the increasing importance of metallic finish in fashion and product design. Produced using a pigment coating that combines and highlights the true essence of color with a brilliant and luminous finish, our new Pantone Metallic Shimmers enables designers and colorists working in metallic with an easy-to-use collection of trend-right color references, aiding visualization and enhancing the reproduction process

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Titan Universal Strength Tester Supplier Bangladesh

Universal Strength Tester Titan Bangladesh - Trims Best Ltd Bangladesh

Increased strength capacity up to 5kN
The extensive range of tool-free grips has been increased by five new tools.
Automatic parameter setup. Preloaded to eliminate human error- total conformance with the standard.
Quick change load cells. The potential to increase efficiencies and laboratory throughput.
Quick change Jaw face. simple and tool-free.
Smart Button| sample loading and the test start can be actioned directly at the instrument.
Pressure Sensor|Prevents impact damage to the user, the tool and the Load Cell.
Clean Working Environment| Clean, efficient work area and a small footprint to save lab bench space.
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Hand Needle Detector Portable Price Bangladesh

Hand Needle Detector Portable Bangladesh | TRIMS BEST LTD

Model: HN30
0.8mm|This new handy type needle detector can detect 0.8 mm steel at 5mm height from detecting unit surface.
Battery save function|Under standby, Battery mode is changed to save mode automatically and save battery consumption. When take it by hand, the machine starts automatically. The newly designed detecting circuit is low electric consumption.
Lightweight|The weight is only 190g that is lighter 10% than the previous model. Newly designed body help you to grip for a long time without fatigue.
Large size LED lamp|It is easy to check the detecting result by adopting large size LED lamp.
Sensitivity select switch|The new handy type needle detector adopts Hi/Low sensitivity select switch.
Trims Best Ltd| Hand Needle Detector Supplier in Bangladesh Hashima Cintex Scientex etc.
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Paper Moisture Meter Aqua Boy Price Bangladesh

Aqua Boy Paper Moisture Meter Bangladesh | TRIMS BEST LTD

Brand : Aqua Boy, Analogue,
Model : PM II,
C/O : Germany,
Cable 200,
Universal Electro de 204,
Knife Electrode 210,
Stab Electrode 208,
Surface Electrode: 213,
Battery 9v dc disposable
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