Titan Universal Strength Tester Supplier Bangladesh

Universal Strength Tester Titan Bangladesh - Trims Best Ltd Bangladesh

Increased strength capacity up to 5kN
The extensive range of tool-free grips has been increased by five new tools.
Automatic parameter setup. Preloaded to eliminate human error- total conformance with the standard.
Quick change load cells. The potential to increase efficiencies and laboratory throughput.
Quick change Jaw face. simple and tool-free.
Smart Button| sample loading and the test start can be actioned directly at the instrument.
Pressure Sensor|Prevents impact damage to the user, the tool and the Load Cell.
Clean Working Environment| Clean, efficient work area and a small footprint to save lab bench space.
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Hand Needle Detector Portable Price Bangladesh

Hand Needle Detector Portable Bangladesh | TRIMS BEST LTD

Model: HN30
0.8mm|This new handy type needle detector can detect 0.8 mm steel at 5mm height from detecting unit surface.
Battery save function|Under standby, Battery mode is changed to save mode automatically and save battery consumption. When take it by hand, the machine starts automatically. The newly designed detecting circuit is low electric consumption.
Lightweight|The weight is only 190g that is lighter 10% than the previous model. Newly designed body help you to grip for a long time without fatigue.
Large size LED lamp|It is easy to check the detecting result by adopting large size LED lamp.
Sensitivity select switch|The new handy type needle detector adopts Hi/Low sensitivity select switch.
Trims Best Ltd| Hand Needle Detector Supplier in Bangladesh Hashima Cintex Scientex etc.
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Paper Moisture Meter Aqua Boy Price Bangladesh

Aqua Boy Paper Moisture Meter Bangladesh | TRIMS BEST LTD

Brand : Aqua Boy, Analogue,
Model : PM II,
C/O : Germany,
Cable 200,
Universal Electro de 204,
Knife Electrode 210,
Stab Electrode 208,
Surface Electrode: 213,
Battery 9v dc disposable
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Basic definition of statistical research methods |Data science Tutorial

Definition of statistical research methods|Data Science

Basic definition of statistical research methods |Data science Tutorial

  • Constructs
Constructs: A construct is anything that is difficult to measure because it can be defined and measured in many different ways.

Example: Volume is a construct. We know volume is the space something
takes up but we haven’t defined how we are measuring that space. (i.e.
liters, gallons, etc.)

Operational Definition: The operational definition
of a construct is the unit of measurement we are using for the
construct. Once we operationally define something it is no longer a
Example: Minutes is already operationally defined; there is no ambiguity in what we are measuring.

Rota Washing Fastness Tester Supplier Bangladesh

Rota Washing Fastness Tester Supplier Bangladesh:

Available in different sizes such as portable washing fastness tester, etc. The washing fastness tester uses stainless steel rotor to holds wash pots on each of four sides and rotates at a constant 40 rpm (+/-2 rpm). Wash pots are preheated in appropriate test solution, structure wholly made of very strong stainless steel.
Color touch screen display and PLC control, containers are sealed with either a Neoprene rubber gasket or optional Teflon gasket.Small and large test vessels are interchangeable so they can be placed in every position. This allows operators to test to both ISO (European) and AATCC (American) Standards with ease.

To offer a reliable and safe washing fastness test, washing fastness tester equipped with water-lacking alarm, protection device when opening door, Test-finished alarm, Automatic shutdown with audible warning etc, electric drainage function is optional
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Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester Bangladesh

Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester BangladeshTesting the performance of the wearing resistance, abrasion, appearance change (pilling degree/class) of the textiles and membrane materials.

Technical parameters
Number of working position: 9digital
Counting range:0-999999 times
The effective head diameter:28.6mm-9pcs;90mm-9pcs
Relative moving speed of clamp and grinding table:47.5±2r/min
Pressing hammer of sample loading weight:2500±10g
External dimension:840x630x350mm
Power source:AC220V ,50Hz,300W

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